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New Hair Color Trends for 2022 - What You Need to Know

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3 months have passed in 2022, do you know the new trend of hair color in 2022? Time to try a new colorful wig. The hairstyle is not complicated, we can do whatever fashion you want, the most important thing is the choice of color.

Are you tired of your regular hair color in 2021 and want to try a bold new color in 2022?

Now let's take a closer look at what gorgeous hair colors are available, and I'm sure you can get the inspiration you want from these colors.

Natural black

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When it comes to the topic of how to choose the color of human hair wigs, natural black wigs are the first consideration for customers, because natural black is closer to our own hair color when you wear a natural black human hair wig, it looks very natural and realistic, just like The same as your own hair.

Refined and serious, Natural Black is the color of choice for most customers, and the Natural Black wig is a classic human hair wig – timeless and always just right.

If you don't know how to choose the right colored wig, or when your first human hair wig will start, you can consider a human hair wig with natural black hair color.

Honey blonde


Honey blonde is the perfect color for anyone who wants to create a warm overhead look. Honey blonde has a golden hue and looks warm and peaceful, but at the same time it feels gorgeous and feminine. It is suitable for all skin tones.

Blonde Ombre


Compared with pure gold, golden Ombre gives a new feeling, bright and fresh, and also a symbol of youthful beauty.

In the summer, it is your best choice, it can give a fresh and impressive look without feeling dull and dull at all.

You can't go wrong with a blonde ombre in summer or warm weather.

When it comes to your first blonde human hair wig, we suggest you can choose a blonde wig, start with dark roots on the blonde color, or use some lighter face-framing highlights so you'll be safer trying a blonde wig .

Ginger Red Color


Ginger red is a unique and extraordinary color that looks like a raging fire. It always gives us unlimited strength and fighting spirit, makes us full of courage and confidence in life, and is a symbol of passion, vitality, courage and strength.

The visual impact of ginger red is very strong, it is a very strong color, and it can form a strong contrast with many colors. If you want to impress people, choose a ginger red wig, which will always give people a sense of shock no matter where they are.

Ginger Red Wigs have a black root to give you a smoother transition and a more natural look when you wear them.

Burgundy Color


When you see burgundy you think the color is red wine or dark red, yes they are similar but not exactly one color. Burgundy's color originates from red and is more like red-purple.

Burgundy is a modern and cool color that will look great on light, medium, olive or dark skin tones.

Burgundy is a symbol of individuality, and when you wear this burgundy human hair wig, you will stand out from the crowd.

Ginger Orange


During the global epidemic, our life will be a little dull and depressing than before. We need to use positive energy to make our 2022 summer full of enthusiasm, mystery, warmth and unrestrainedness, and bring us some vitality and warmth.

Ginger orange gives us a more optimistic expression, try this custom color human hair wig to make you look more glamorous.

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