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Which should I choose: synthetic hair or human hair?

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Should you go for human hair wigs or should you opt for synthetic hair wigs? This is a question that a lot of women face when choosing a wig. Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic hair wig and a human hair wig. Although, the idea is that human hair wigs are better than synthetic ones because they are made of real hair.

The truth is, the best type of wig for you really depends on a number of considerations. To help you decide, let’s look at the main differences between these two types of wigs.

Human Hair Wigs: Benefits & Disadvantages

The Pros:

Natural Looking: Real human hair wig feels great and provides a very natural looking.

Texture: There are various human hair types that provide different textures and you can the hair similar to yours.

Lifespan: If you take care of your wig properly, a human hair wig can last around one year even you wear it every day.

Flexible Styling: You can color, perm or style the real human hair just like your own hair.

The Cons:

Cost: Real human hair is more expensive because they are harvested from the human being.

Color Variation: It is difficult to replicate an exact color when you replace a human hair wig. Human hair wigs of the same color will vary slightly from wig to wig because each wig contains hair harvested from multiple people.

Color Fading: The color of human hair will oxidize or fade with exposure to light.

Weight: For the same length and style, a human hair wig will feel heavier than a synthetic hair wig.

Fragile: The hair will incur damage if subjected to harsh brushing, back-combing, or overuse of heated styling tools.

Another disadvantage with human hair wigs is that they need more maintenance than synthetic ones. You have to treat them like you would your own hair. They require shampooing and conditioning regularly. Otherwise, they may lose their natural luster and become brittle. Just like your own hair, they also react to the environment around them.

 So, they can become frizzy, limp or dry at times. Additionally, they can also become damaged from harsh brushing or prolonged use of heated styling tools.

Essentially, these are things you’d normally do anyway with your own natural hair. So doing them for your human hair wig may not mean much of a difference. For a totally natural look and freedom to style your hair any way you choose, a human hair wig will be your best choice.

Synthetic Hair Wig: Benefits & Disadvantages

The Pros:

Cost: Synthetic is relatively inexpensive

Color Selections: You can choose whatever color you want when you buy a synthetic wig.

Style Memory: Synthetic wigs hold their style regardless of the weather. You simply wash, dry, and then shake them out, and the wig will return to its initial style.

The Cons:

Shine: Some cheap or low-quality synthetic wigs may have unnatural shine.

Short Lifespan: The lifespan of the synthetic wig is shorter than human hair wigs. A synthetic wig typically lasts about 4-6 months if you wear it every day.

Less Versatility: Synthetic wigs cannot be straightened or curled with heated styling tools. Recoloring is also not recommended because the color will not adhere to the fiber.

After learning the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, and now you can choose one depending on your preference.

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