Who is Bella? Who is Angel?
Everyone is Bella. Everyone can be Angel.
Everyone has their darker moments, and we hope you continue to be brave in your pursuit of beauty and freedom!
The name of ANGELBELLA comes from a Chinese woman named Angel and a American woman named Bella. Their meeting not only changed each other's destiny, but also gave birth to ANGELBELLA, a brand that symbolizes beauty and self-confidence.

Bella, one of the protagonists of the story, was born in a poor family environment. As the eldest daughter in the family, she took on the burden of life early in order to take care of her younger siblings.

The natural love of beauty makes her long for a high-quality wig, but she always puts the needs of her family first, and she is not willing to buy even the worst quality wigs for herself. As an adult, Bella came to China to develop her career, where she finally realized her girlhood dream and bought her first wig in her life. And the seller at that time happened to be another protagonist in the story, the brand founder Angel.

The moment she wear with the blonde wig, Bella experienced a transformation like a cocoon into a butterfly, shedding the old gloom and messiness, exuding a beautiful and confident light. Afterwards, with tears in her eyes, she hugged Angel excitedly.

"Thank you for giving me a new life." Bella said, for her, this is not just a wig, but also the right to choose to live for herself.

Bella's story deeply touched Angel, who had a similar growth experience. She seemed to have met herself in another country, and she knew that there are countless Bellas in the world. At that moment in 2015, Angel determined to create a high-end hair brand exclusively for women, and ANGELBELLA came into being.

The name of the ANGELBELLA brand combines the names of Angel and Bella, implying that there is an angel living in everyone's heart, encouraging us to bravely pursue a better life and self. ANGELBELLA hopes that every woman not only buys a wig when she buys it, but also buys the courage and confidence to pursue beauty and freedom.

Therefore, even though there are frequent low-priced and low-quality hairs to seize the market, every strand of ANGELBELLA's hair is always carefully selected, processed and produced. From material selection, to production process control, to quality control and logistics, ANGELBELLA has never changed its original intention and firmly believes that quality determines the future.
AngleBella Three of the Core Competitiveness :

1.Offer the return or exchange in 15days

2.Custom orders only take by 2days

3. Quality warranty within 36months​​​​​​​