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Bouncy Jerry Curly Human Hair Weaving Hair Bundles

Rrmy hair material bundle ,95-100g Jerry Curly Hair Weft natural color, selected the best quality of remy hair,can be dyed any freestyle again ,no tangle no shedding .Natural hand feel of the quality texture ,Silk and Bouncy without short hair well 3 bundles with closure can make the full head hair ,double strong weft ,
  • JC

  • Angelbella

  • JC

The advantages of the curly weave human hair:

The curly human hair extensions is made of 100% virgin remy unprocessed human hair, with no chemicals. The curly hair sew in no tangles, no sheds, no other bad smells.

The curly weave human hair has a long service time under proper care.

The effect after worn looks very individual, it is a different feeling comparing with other hairstyles.

The curly weave human hair has a natural luster, beautiful and glamorous.

The disadvantages of the curly weave human hair:

The curly hair weave is dryer than other hairstyles, so it needs more careful management.

You’d better not restyle curly weave human hair too often, to maintain the longer service time.Therefore, it will not loose its curls easily.

How To Care For Your Deep Wave Hair?

Bleaching and Dyeing

We always recommend you to go to a professional salon to bleach or dye your hair. Even that you can do it at home but that way can harm your hair weave if you do it wrong. To be more careful, you can bleach and dye your deep curly wave weave hair into any colors that you want, but just remember to meet your hair stylist at professional salon.



★Brand Name : Angelbella 

★Bundle Type : Remy Hair Bundle

★Bundle Length :12inch-30inch

★Bundle Texture: Jerry Curly

★Bundle Color : NC#

★Bundle Weight :95-100g

★Life Time :1-2Years

★Freestyle : Can be dyed and freestyle well 

★Guarantee:1Year Guarantee 15 Days No Reason Easy Return

★Service:Wholesale Drop Shipping Label Customization

★Hair Material: Seleced the raw Remy Hair material 

★Shipping Method:Fedex,UPS,DHL,GES,TNT,DPEX,Aramex,AliExpress Standard Shipping,ect.

★Hair Lifespan: No Tangle No Shedding Low Maintenace,12-24 Months Life with Proper Care


★.After payment, if the goods is sent out/in producing,this order can not be cancel

★ No refund if the result is man-made damage, without a quality problem.

★.No refund if the product have been used/washed/dyed. (The hair weft/lace is cut, losing texture, can not be resell again)

★.One year guarantee is provided, free-repair with after Comfortable service. Buyer need to pay for shipping and only EMS express is allowed to send back.
All rights of interpretation are vested in ANGELBELLA




While virgin human hair is more and more popular, many women are facing some problems about how to choose the right hair for themselves.


As you know, hair length, color, and style are major factors in your choice of hair.


Deep wave and curly hair have a similar curl pattern, which hair to choose?


Maybe many people are confused about what is the difference between deep wave and curly hair since they almost have the same look.


In this article, we will talk about virgin deep wave hair and virgin curly hair.


Now let's talk about deep hair weaves


Deep wave:


Deep weave bundles virgin Remy's hair has tight Classic Sexy waves. These deep eaves exude a whole beautiful healthy look with a lot of luster.


Deep weave hair texture waves are smooth waves, but are much deeper than body waves, so they can make curls tighter. It's a great texture, it looks really luxurious and can be used to trim hair. Similarly, proper maintenance is essential. But if you just want to add natural curls, deep wave extension does make a difference and increase the length and thickness of curls.


Many times, deep waves are confused with curly curls, because when curled, they look like curly curls.


Curly weave:


It's tight, and it looks very curly. Usually, this type of hair is relatively fluffy and does not flatten your face. It's so difficult to maintain its style all the time, so that you may need some curling tools to maintain its style.


People can’t stop raving about Kinky Curly Virgin Brazilian Remy Weave hair.  Women everywhere ae embracing the natural look and this weave hair is the perfect way to transition into a natural style. Whatever curls you choose, you can’t lose when you use luxurious Virgin Indian Remy Weave hair.


In addition, when talking about this two hair, we must talk about deep curly.


Deep curly


Deep curls are a little tighter than deep curls and have a really cool natural look. Thick curly hair can add a lot of vitality to the hair, and create a fashionable curly appearance, but boring nowhere. If your hair is naturally curly but lacks length and thickness, or if your curls are damaged and difficult to shape, add deep curls.


Brazil deep wave vs curly hair, what is the difference between the two?



The difference between wavy deep hair and curly hair is mainly the tightness of curly hair. Curly and dark braided hair are usually used interchangeably, but there are some differences in hair types. Brazilian curly weaves and dark wavy hair differ in crimp compactness, thickness, texture and retention.


Differences in curl can also lead to differences in hair saturation. You may have seen the following curls:


1. Tightness


Compared with deep knitting, curly hair is more compact. Choose your favorite hairstyle according to their differences. Uncie deep wave and curly hair are 100% original human hair, with symmetrical weft, healthy and beautiful. You can try different hairstyles with either.


2. Thickness


Compared with deep braided hair, the abnormal curl waves are very small and tight, so they look very dense. Usually, this type of hair is relatively fluffy and does not flatten your face. It's so difficult to maintain its style all the time, so that you may need some curling tools to maintain its style.


Deep wave is a great texture. It looks really luxurious and can increase hair volume. Curly hair is a kind of curly hair that looks


Curly Hair vs Deep wave hair


Both of them are virgin human hair, collected from young girl donors, can be dyed and straightened. Compared to deep wave hair, curly hair has tighter curl. Virgin curly human hair has a natural-looking and it is really soft and bouncy. Deep wave hair bundles have a tighter curl than body wave, loose wave or natural wave hair, but they have the same texture with top quality. Deep wave hair texture flows have smooth waves and it looks really luxurious and boosts your hair.


Both deep wave and curly hair bundles are 100% virgin human hair, well wefts, healthy and nice-looking, you can choose both to try the different hairstyles. Because they are curly hair, and although they look strong, waves and curls are easy to tie and dry, and they are actually fragile, so curls need to be well maintained to stay longer.