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Cheap Human Remy Hair Extensions Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Wet And Wavy Persian Virgin Remy Human Hair

The virgin hair is Remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches or harsh washes.Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% natural human hair. The difference is that the donor of Remy hair used to dye, perm or bleach his or her hair while the donor of virgin hair doesn't use any chemical products. virgin hair can use about 3-4 years and remy hair can use 1-2 years.
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Naturally, the foreign trade industry of hair products must first master the knowledge about hair products. China has a long history of hair products manufacturing. Now my country is the world's first product and exporter in the hair products industry, with about 4 million employees.


The production center of the world's hair products industry moved from Japan to South Korea in the 1960s, and then to Shandong, China in the 1980s, followed by Henan, mainly in Xuchang.


In recent years, affected by the international economic environment, many industries have been in a downturn, and only the hair products industry has grown year by year.


Wigs can be divided into human hair, chemical fiber hair and mixed hair according to the raw materials.

Mixed hair is a wig made of real human hair, chemical fiber hair and animal method. Since all hair is made by real people, the cost is the highest and the price is the most expensive. Since angelbella is based on real hair, I will mainly talk about real hair.


Real human hair can be divided into different sources according to the source: China hair, India hair, Brazil hair Mongolia hair, Myanmar hair, etc. Because Asian hair is harder and thicker than Westerners, it is the hair of companies that export foreign trade. The sources are generally made in India and Brazil. Real human hair can be divided into smooth hair and foam hair. Smooth hair means that the scales of the hair are all facing the same direction, just like the scales of the fish are facing the same direction, while the direction of the scales of the foam is disorderly.


When we judge the quality of wigs, we mainly look at the raw materials, followed by the amplitude. The so-called amplitude refers to the length of the hair. In short: if a hair curtain goes from top to bottom, if it is thick on the top and thin on the bottom, then this range is poor. Therefore, the different range means that the grade used when feeding is different, and the price is also different. Next is to look at the smoothness and feel of the hair.


As a wig company, we have seen the future development direction of wigs. Although there are many brands in China’s hair industry, they are generally small in scale and backward in technology. Therefore, we must further introduce professional talents and equipment and seize the world, especially The style and color of products are designed according to the fashion trends in Europe and the United States.


The last and most critical thing is that the "price war" turns to the "quality war". Due to the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, fierce competition and mutual reduction of prices, it is now possible to target consumer-oriented and distinctive hair products, such as wig health products (through stimulation Acupuncture points to promote brain circulation, improve brain function), wig crafts, etc. These products with improved technology and brand content are more competitive and valuable.