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Double Drawn Hair Extensions Suppliers Brazilian Remy Human Hair Weft

Real Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. In contrast, Remy human hair is collected through a method in which the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grew.
  • 6A ST

  • Angelbella

  • 6A ST


The current wig market is really mixed, because the public has basically no concept of wigs, and the wig market is also very opaque, causing many unscrupulous businesses to shoddy hair. The same is real human hair. I don’t know that there are 5 grades of real human hair. Let's popularize the classification of wigs.


Wig types are specifically divided into chemical fiber hair, real human hair, real human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair


Chemical fiber hair is generally used for cosplay. It is not suitable for daily wear and is more difficult to take care of. The only advantage is that it is well shaped and basically does not need to be handled because it is cheaper and it is almost the same after using it a few times.


Real human hair mixed with chemical fiber is a minefield in the wig market. The wigs sold by angelbella are basically 100% real human hair. There are too many black-hearted old businessmen secretly mixing chemical fiber hair, and then tell you that they are selling 100% human hair, so you must pay more attention to this. The general identification method is to cut a strand of hair and light it with fire. Chemical fiber hair will have a very obvious plastic smell.


Real human hair is just a general term. It is divided into 5 grades according to the hair quality level: soaking hair, shaved hair, smooth foamed hair, smooth shaved hair, smooth braided hair, sorted by hair quality, smooth braided hair> smooth hair cut> smooth foamed hair> hair cut >Soak hair. Basically, foaming and shaving hair will become extremely rough after washing a few times. Many businesses use this kind of hair as shoddy under the name of real human hair. If you want to wear it daily, you must buy smooth foam at the minimum. Be sure to consult before buying. Shun braid is recognized as the best hair wig in the wig industry. The raw materials are all hair with excellent hair quality that has never been perm or dyed.


By the way, real human hair is also country-specific. No matter what, the quality of Chinese hair is the best. If you want to buy it, buy Chinese hair.


The inner net part of the wig is divided into a simulated scalp and a breathable net. The size of the simulated scalp also determines the price of the wig. According to the size, only the head rotation part is simulated human scalp, only the hair split part is simulated human scalp, and partial simulation Human scalp (up to 37 points), the first half of the simulated human scalp, and the full-head simulated human scalp. Generally, if you don't toss about it, it will be enough to simulate a human scalp. If you like to toss your hair, use the front half of the head to simulate a human scalp. The full-head scalp is very expensive because of the high cost, so the price is also very expensive, I personally think it is not necessary.