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Headband Wig vs V Part Wig, which is better?

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Wigs have always been an essential item for many fashion girls. People can change their favorite hairstyles at any time through wigs without damaging their natural hair. Wigs are definitely the way to go if you want to protect your real hair from heat or from bleaching and dyeing.

There are various types of hair wigs in the wig market, such as V-part wigs and headband wigs. Maybe some girls are confused about which is better. Today we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between V-shaped wigs and headband wigs.

What is a v part wig?


They are the wigs that have wigs sewn on a v part wig cap. They are made into a V shape structure whose weave tracks are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening left to let your natural hair flow through. What more one can want if you have your own tresses blend smoothly to the attached wig. It is also called a v-shape human hair wig, which means it is a modified half wig with a v-part opening on the top.

They are made of human hair which is by far the most sought-after article. It is substantially because of the fact that it's safe from the chemicals used during production, which are required to sanitize the hair, as well as strip away the initial color

What is a headband wig


As the name suggests, a headband wig is a wig with a headband. You can also think of it as a combination of a headband and some tresses. Headband wigs can be slid around the head and held in place using some clips and adjustable straps on the back of the wig cap instead of other glues. The special thing about the headband wig is that it is only worn on the back of your head, and you need to style your natural hair in the front, so people also call it a half wig.

The Difference Of V Part Wig And Human Hair Headband Wig

1. Different Construction

The V part wig is one kind of affordable u part wig and is consists of a wig cap with a v-part opening on the top and some hair bundles connected, while a human hair headband wig is composed of a complete wig cap, some hair bundle connected with the wig cap, and a headband.

2. Different Price

Although headband wigs and V part wig is all more affordable than ombre blonde frontal wig, there is still little difference among them. Generally speaking, if you choose the same wig length and same density in West Kiss Hair, the price of V part wig Will will be slightly more expensive than that of headband wig.

3. Different Wearing Way

Before wearing a V part wig human hair, you need to braid all your own hair and reserve some hair needed for the v-shaped opening on the top according to your preference, then insert the clip and adjustable straps on the wig into the gap of the braided hair, and then blend the natural hair with the v-shaped opening.

Before putting on the curly headband wig, braid all your hair first, then put the wig cap connected with the hair bundles on your head, and

finally, cover the front end of the hair cap with the headband.

The Similarities Between V Part Wig And Headband Wig

1. Easy to wear and can put on and take off every day

2. No lace, no glue

3. More affordable than cheap frontal wigs

Which One Is Better, V Part Wig or Headband Wig?

Actually, as you can see, both of them have their advantages. You can choose which to buy according to your preference. Here are some tips for choosing a more suitable wig between them.

1. If you have thin hair, a headband wig is more suitable for you. Because V part wigs need thick hair to hold. You need to insert the combs into the hair braiding to prevent falling off.

2. If you have a limited budget, a V part wig is more affordable.

3. If you like the look of wearing a headband wig, a V part wig is better for you.

Today we introduced in detail the characteristics and compared the similarities and differences between V part wigs and headband wigs. If you are planning to buy a wig that is convenient and affordable, we have different kinds of V part wigs and headband wigs for you to choose from. If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us. Angelbella is always right here for you.

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