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How Choosing Hair Color?

Views: 0     Author: Lucky     Publish Time: 2022-12-22      Origin: ANGELBELLA

How Choosing Hair Color?


When faced with so many gorgeous color combinations, how does one decide when to stay and when to stray from their natural hair color? Well, that is the point of a wig. You do not have to settle for one cut, color, or style. With a wig, you can go from Snow White to Cinderella just like a fairy tale. But how do you choose what color will serve you best? 

Here are my tips for selecting color:

If trying to match your natural hair, note that every manufacturer has a slightly different version of each color, so be sure and find the color that makes your skin sing. Base it on your color temperature, cool or warm. Even if it is not exactly your color, go for the most flattering one. People won’t notice a slight color shift, but they will notice if you look great and that’s what we aim for!  


If you are seeking to go lighter, a rooted base, even if only slightly darker, can help you pull off the change, especially since your brows and lashes are likely darker as well. Highlights and low lights can also add dimension, offering you lighter hair overall with some added depth for a believable blonde, light brown, or soft red color. 



When going from a lighter to a darker shade, stay in your skin tone lane. If you are a cooler tone, try a color that is darker than your base color but still on the cool side. You may benefit from a darker shade overall with flattering highlights around the face to soften the look. Darken your brows for an added realism.  

Highlight-Blonde-Human-Hair-Wigs-For-Women-Colored-Straight-Wig-613-Lace-Frontal-Wig-Ombre-Brazilian (2)


Going bold? Good for you! Look for a bold color that plays well with your skin. If you look great in a certain shade of blue, you will likely look great in that shade of blue in a color wig. The key for bold colors is to add a touch of realism such as a rooted base. This darker root adds just the right amount of realism to your whimsical color. A lace front gives you a natural-looking hairline, which is another big key for believability. Keep the makeup natural to make your hair the star. 


I hope these tips have inspired you to try something new. Remember, with a wig you can change your look as fast as you change your mind with no damage to your bio hair.