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How to distinguish the difference between 3 types of hair quality? Single Drawn, Double Drawn and Super Drawn

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Most women in the world want to have thick, bouncy and smooth hair. But in reality, not everyone has this kind of hair. Words like Human Hair, Double Drawn, and Super Drawn leave a lot of people dumbfounded because they don't know which hair type to choose. Or, if you're new to the business but don't understand the terminology and basics of hair quality, you're going to get misunderstood when it comes to trading.

Any differences will be clearly discussed and explained below. We will tell you the advantages of choosing the right hair quality for you. Friends, let's find out through the article below.

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What is a single drawn?

This hairstyle is suitable for those who prefer natural hairstyles. It usually looks like our natural hair. To have such natural hair, it has a different structure.

Regarding the length of normal hair, it is not equal, and the proportion of hair of the same length is about 50%. Therefore, it will have the characteristics of thick hair on the top of the head and sparse hair at the end. It can be seen that there will be finer and more natural hair.

For this single hair quality, the longer the length of the hair, the thinner the ends. Because this hair quality is the finest, it goes hand in hand with the cheapest hair. Most people who are starting a business usually choose this quality because of the price and encourage them to use straight hair.

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What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double Drawn is the average hair bundle in terms of quality. In this hair bundle, there are about 60-70% of the same hair length, the rest will be short hair. So the ends are a bit thinner than the top of the hair.

To compare with other names of hair layers in the world, Double-drawn hair can be called with another name or equivalent to class 8A, 9A in China, India, Brazill… They just have different names but keep the same name. full-thickness.

Because this hair is thicker than Single Drawn, in terms of price Double Drawn is average and more expensive than Single Drawn. This section of hair can be created in different styles, but the end of the hair is thicker, so the hair will look more attractive.

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What is Super Double Drawn Hair?

Super double drawn hair is the most complete tress from start to finish, with 80-90% equal strands.

To create a high-quality super double drawn hair bundles, you must choose the best quality single drawn, carefully arrange equal-length tresses, and then tie them together.

Super double drawn hair is considered one of the most valuable luxuries in the world hair industry.

Since Super Drawn hair is the thickest compared to Single Drawn and Double Drawn, the price is the most expensive.The benefit of customers who want to choose this hair, looking at the hair will be thick and beautiful.

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Hair that has an intact cuticle and is evenly directed in one direction is called Remy Hair. Remy’s hair is known to everyone for being soft, natural, and very easy to care for and maintain without tangling or shedding.

If you want super thick hair then you choose super drawn. If you want hair that is not too thin and not too thick, at a reasonable price, you should choose Double Drawn. If you just started a business or don’t have much capital, you should choose Single Drawn.

In my opinion, each person has a different preference and choice and depends on each person’s style and feelings.

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