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about lace front human hair wig and how to choose a lace front wig

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Do You Know What is a lace front wig? 

the frontal wig is the unit where the lace is in the front. When talking with the human hair lace frontal wigs, the most popular types are 13*4 lace wigs and 13*6 lace wigs. A Lace frontal wig is one of the super easy wigs to install for beginners to wear. If you are new to human hair wigs, this article will help you know the best lace wigs.


From this picture, we can see that a lace front wig sew in 13x6 inch lace or 13x4 inch lace by hand, from ear to ear is 13 inch and from forehead to top is 6 inch or 4 inch, it is up to the lace front wig you choose is 13x6 lace front wig or 13x4 lace wig. Except for the lace part, the other part of a lace frontal wig is machine-made.

What are the benefits of a lace front wig

  1. Invisible Hairline


Lace frontal wigs are the perfect choice for a natural-looking hairline. It looks like the appearance of a scalp and a hairline, and you can easily style it like your own hair. A pre-plucked hairline allows you to wear without baby hair looks even more natural.

2. More lightweight and comfortable

Our lace frontal wigs are made of real human hair, 100% Remy human hair or virgin human hair, it is healthy and clean, it can give you a natural hair look. All the hairs are sewn by hand, it is comfortable to wear. If you don’t want your hair will be heavy and complex to wear, our handmade wig is a good choice.


3.Breathable and durable

If you want to wear it to do all of your routine exercises, 13x6 lace front wigs or 13x4 lace front wigs will be a good choice, both of them are handmade which can help you create the appearance of natural hair growth along your hairline.

4.Cheap lace wigs

It is a cheap lace wig than full lace human hair wig. A lace front wig’s price is friendly for people who have limited funds than full lace wigs. And 13x4 lace frontal price is more competitive than 13x6 lace front wigs, it is a cheap lace wig. Because the lace between the forehead and top is different, you can according to this to choose the lace frontal wig you want.

5.Lace frontal wigs are the easiest wigs to style

A lace front wig allows you to freely change your parting in the top front area as large as 13x 6 which will look just like Kim K.'s hair parting, and also allows you to comb all your hair backward around your face.

how to meansure the wigs

Here are some tips for maintaining it properly

1. Choose the right water temperature.

2. Using “damage-free” shampoo and conditioner

3. NEVER twist, tug, or pull on the hair when drying.

4. Use the cool air set instead of hot air. Or airing it on the balcony, Avoid the sun direct shine on the wig.

How long can you wear a 13x6 lace frontal wig?

A 13x6 lace frontal can last up to or more than six months. A lace front can last a good period of time if it is being taken care of. If the hair is not being taken care of properly the hair will not last long and it probably won't be able to be worn again. You must brush the hair, use proper products, wrap the hair up, and wash the hair.

Brushing the hair gently from the end of the hair and working your up to the top of the hair near the lace is the proper way to brush the hair. Make sure you are also holding the root to ensure less tugging of the hair.

Using the proper products makes a big difference, when maintaining a lace frontal. When you are using products that have a high alcohol content that will result in hair tangling and damage to the hair. The best product for us will be a product that is a pH acidic product.

Wrapping the hair up before going to bed. Wrapping the hair avoids breakage and tangling of the hair. Before you go to bed make sure the hair is dry, brush it properly, and use a silk or satin cap/scarf to wrap the hair. Doing this every night will allow for the hair to last longer because it helps the hair from getting tangles and breakage.

Washing the hair every one to two weeks. Before washing the hair, come through the tangles with a wide tooth comb, brush or your fingers. Remember to start from the bottom and work your way up. Rinse the hair, wet the hair real good. Shampoo the hair. Then condition the hair. Lastly, dry the hair. When drying the hair make sure you are using a towel and then letting the hair air dry. Going to bed with the hair wet will lead to tangles and a musty smell and we do not want that.

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