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Colored Wigs Perfect for Dark Skin Tone Women

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A lot of people have the misconception that dark skinned people only look good on certain hair colors, but that's not the case because colored hair still looks great on dark skin tones.

If you've been wearing a black wig for a long time, it's time to change it up and try a new hair color. You can choose any hair color and style, your choices are not limited.

You must be confused where to learn about beautiful colored wigs, fortunately, in this article  we have discussed some of the best hair colors for dark skinned ladies, let’s pick them together.

1. Black Root Color Wig

Black Root Color Wig

Colored wigs with black roots, such as blonde, pink, or burgundy with black roots, are a really cool look and easy to achieve. Colored wigs are the perfect complement to darker skin and the perfect starter wig, as the colors and styles are bold enough to make a statement, yet classic enough for all your occasions, whether it's the office, a dinner date, or a wedding.

2. Brown and Blonde Ombre

Brown and Blonde Ombre

This is one of the most popular and best colored wigs for dark skinned women. This wig color is darker at the roots and becomes lighter at the ends. Darker roots provide a more realistic and natural look that can be easily blended if you wish. With dark skin tones, this brown and blonde wig is sure to make you look flattering. The best thing about this wig is that the long, loose waves allow for versatility in styling.

3. Orange Ginger Wig

Orange Ginger Wig

Orange wigs have recently become a very popular colored wig among dark-skinned ladies. That's because the color not only looks youthful and creative, but it's also a passionate color. This color shows an aggressive attitude and will brighten your look as this orange looks bright, fun and youthful. However, if you don't want to be in the spotlight, this wig color might not be for you. With this wig, you are sure to be the center of attention.

4. Ombre Burgundy Wig


If you don't like bright wigs like red or orange, this burgundy might be the color for you. It's no secret that burgundy wigs are great for darker skin tones, so you can never go wrong. This ombré wig is the perfect way to easily transition into the world of colorful wigs. Not only does the black root look natural, but the length is flattering as it is neither too long nor too short. You're sure to turn heads because this dark red burgundy wig looks so beautiful. no doubt.

5. Red Burgundy wig


This red burgundy is the perfect length to not only look flattering but also fun. If you're considering buying a colorful wig for everyday wear, this bob cut is the perfect place to start as it provides a polished, professional, coordinated look.

6. Golden Blonde


If you've always wanted to be blonde, this blond can help you make it happen. Not only does this color look youthful, but it also looks chic and beautiful. It will make you look more attractive especially if you have warm skin tone. This is definitely one of the must try shades in a lifetime.

7. Chocolate brown with Ash Blonde Highlights


It's no secret that wigs in different shades are always more eye-catching. Beyond that, there's always something new to look at when you look at hair color in different light and angles. This brown wig with ash blonde highlights looks very exciting and sophisticated enough to fit anywhere, yet unique enough to show some personality and flair. The vibrant chocolate color looks great on dark skin too.

8. Multicolor Wig


Thanks to advancements in the hairdressing industry, you can now easily find multi-colored wigs. So, if you feel that one color is not enough, you can go ahead and try two or three. Since these multi-color wigs come in different shades and styles, it's easy to find one that suits your tastes and preferences. Remember, you need to look for the perfect outfit that balances all the colors of the wig and can help you create a crisp and clean overall look, rather than a busy and messy look.

How to care for your colored wig?

Now that you have explored some of the best wig colors for dark skin, and have chosen a few colors that you want to try, it is time to learn how to care for your colored wig so that you don’t end up damaging the wig.

Here are tips to help you maintain your colored wig:

1. Wash the wig less often

While it is advisable to wash your colored wig to get rid of dust, dirt, and oil buildup, washing your colored wig more often isn’t ideal because it can make your wig fade easily. So, wash the wig as often as possible.

2. Use a heat protectant when using hot tools

Heat can significantly damage your colored wig by stripping away its color and moisture, leaving it dry. This can make the wig more susceptible to tangling. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. You can easily avoid that by using a heat protectant spray before you use hot tools to style your colored wig.

3. Use the right products on your wig

Your colored wig is pretty much delicate. This is why you need to choose wisely the products you use on them.  Use only hair products that are specifically made for colored wigs. Research a product before purchasing it. Avoid harsh hair products that may strip the wig’s color.

4. Avoid sleeping in your wig

If you want your colored wig to last longer, do not sleep in it. Sleeping in your wig can only lead to frizziness and tangles. However tired you are, take off your wig before you hit the sheets.

5. Store it properly

Finally, you need to store your wig properly. Avoid throwing your colored wig anyhow. Instead, hang it on a mannequin head or wig hanger. This will not only prevent the wig from tangling but also maintain its hair patterns.

Sometimes one color isn't enough, so why not try two or three or more? Have you ever thought about getting yourself a wig with a brighter, bolder color?

There is no color that doesn't suit all shades of dark skin, and there is no limit to the styles or colors you can choose from when looking for the perfect colored wig to complement your particular brand of melanin.

If you are not familiar with wearing any type of wig or are just considering wearing a colored wig, you may not know where to start. We're sure you'll want to purchase our collection of colored wigs to create your own right away.