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How to keep deep wavy hair wet

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How to keep deep wavy hair wet

Since many people use deep wavy hair extensions, they usually face the question: how to keep deep wavy hair looking wet? For many reasons, people always want deep wavy hair to be wet. And one of the main reasons is to keep them in place. Other reasons include getting a style that is ideal for a particular occasion.

If you have purchased a human hair deep wavy wig, you must know the right way to maintain it. Especially wavy and curly hair textures can become very tangled, dry and lose definition if not properly cared for. Therefore, you must know how to make deep wavy hair look moist.

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How to keep deep wavy hair moist?

Here is a detailed guide on how to keep deep wavy hair looking wet.

Step 1: Saturate your wavy wet wig with water to make it curly and/or wavy. You can either soak your hair in a bucket of water, or you can do this after you wash your hair. The most critical step is to make sure the wavy wet deep wavy hair must be dripping and wet, not just wet.

Step 2: Separate wavy, wet, deep wavy hair into 4-6 sections. Apply moisturizer liberally to each section until all sections are covered with moisturizer.

Step 3: Once moisturizing is complete, you will need to apply hair oil to each hair section.

Step 4: Comb through each section of hair. The hair must be dripping and very saturated. Gently lay each section down without splitting the hair.

Step 5: Once all sections are brushed and set, place your wavy, wet, deep wavy hair on the wig stand and let it air dry completely before touching it. The secret is to let the hair dry completely wavy while wet before touching it.


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Now that you know how to keep the deep wave hairstyle wet, you can take proper care of the wigs and keep them for an enhanced lifespan. All you need to do is apply moisturizer and oil. Next, you need to let them air dry completely. This will help you achieve the wet look of deep wavy hairstyles.

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