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The Top Wig Trends of 2022-You Should Know

Views: 6     Author: Libby     Publish Time: 2022-03-15      Origin: angelbella

New year, new you, new wig. Here's what you should know about the hottest wig trends of 2022 to keep your hair protected as you experiment, grow, and live your best life. Check out the wig styles that will be everywhere in the New Year below!

Rapunzel Vibes

If extra long hair reminiscent of Rupenzel is your ideal hair day, we're excited to share with you the long hair trends for the coming year. For a 40-inch length, you may want to consider buying a high-quality long wig that has minimal shedding and tangles and will last for years.

curly (3)

main mullet

We know what you're thinking - mullet? ! Yes, but hear us out. Mullet has undergone many modern adaptations since its peak in the 80s. If you want to make a statement with your hair in 2022, having a mullet wig in your arsenal is the way to go.


creative edge

If you're looking for wig options that don't require glue (or know how to place wigs, for that matter), bangs are the look you should be looking for in the new year. The best part about the bangs trend (besides the easy-to-shake bangs wig) is that you can choose straight, wavy, or curly bangs. Choose any look your heart desires! Here are some of our favorites.

bangs straight

curly wig1

Inverse gradient

Gradients are a color technique that will probably never go out of style. In 2021, the color that gradually changes from dark to light from the root to the end of the hair will have a very strong presence in the world of wigs. In 2022, we can expect to see a shift in color technology - reverse gradients.

As the name suggests, this color technique is the exact opposite of traditional gradients, instead gradually fading from lighter shades at the roots to darker shades at the ends of the hair. This style can be done with a gold-to-black transition, but it can also be done with bold colors.

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After seeing the heightened emphasis on ginger and red wigs in 2021, it's only a matter of time before we slowly start moving towards orange. While some may not opt for bright orange hair in the cold winter, we should see quite a few wig lovers playing with orange styles in spring.


asymmetrical bob

You may have noticed that some of the wig trends we're seeing in 2022 are twists on trends we already know and love -- and bobs are no exception. In the new year, look forward to taking your beloved bob hairstyle to the next level by adding a funky asymmetrical twist. This is no ordinary bob, this is a fun bob.


Contrasting roots

Using bold colors has been a longstanding trend for wig wearers for years. After all, wigs allow you to change any hair color without affecting the health of your natural strands. One specific color predicted for 2022 is Colored Roots. You can go bold with brights, or go more natural with blonde, brown, and black roots.